Understanding Pain in less than 5 minutes, and what to do about it!

Persistent pain is complicated. It sometimes feels that we have run out of ideas to deal with it and we are left on the scrap-heap. Have a look at this helpful video produced in Australia.

It shows that the best way to tackle chronic pain, is to better understand what changes have happened in the brain and mind.

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  1. Liked the video the idea that chronic pain is definitely agreed that lifestyle changes ie depression anxiety and stress does increase pain so if where all else fails personally as a Lyme disease sufferer some days I plan and it’s my own mind that says leave it till tomorrow that turns into a week and then never so relying on certain relief ie medication your basically feeding your brain into thinking that’s better I’ve found personally set a small goal not huge and just take little steps to get through extra tasks it’s not you physically can’t do it some days it’s a nightmare lack of sleep caused by overthinking and stress I’m sure starts your next day with oh not today but I’m trying my way cutting back on medication and keeping my mind active even reading your not thinking constantly about any form of pain yes it’s frustrating as we all know but if carried on how bad of a deterioration will it be 5 years from now more depression more pills and more relying on medication talking to your GP as a friend can help to guide you into some cases physical therapy or we all fear the words mental health but agreed if your minds in a better place your body will follow love the site

    • Thank you Darren. I realise that you have been on a journey where you have found healthy ways of managing your pain and mind. You know a lot about your body and illness and what works for your. I liked your advice of setting small goals and steps on difficult days. Hang in there. Morris.

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