Self help resources for patients

Self help resources for patients

One of the best sources of help for patients and professionals is at ‘Live well with Pain.

The website and resources were developed in North Tyneside and my patients have found these to be extremely helpful in thinking about what ‘Persistent Pain’ is and how we can ‘dial down’ the impact it is having on our lives.

I would suggest that you explore the site and some of the links on it. You might want to print out something that applies to you that you can discuss with your GP.

One of the problems is that some GPs are not good about talking about persistent pain, but we are working with them to try and improve their knowledge and skills.


Dr Morris Gallagher

PS: Look at the short video on pain on the front page of this blog for a quick summary of the latest thinking – and action – that can help you live better with persistent pain. 

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