Who am I?

I am a GP working at a large surgery in South Tyneside. I have experience of working with people with substance misuse problems for the last 30 years. In recent years I have seen more cases of opiate dependance from medication prescribed by doctors. I have become concerned about the ‘opiod epidemic’ of prescribing and been looking at ways to prevent and reduce that in my own practice.

My experience is that chronic pain is unrecognised by society and in health care. It is likely that up to 20% of the population have chronic pain – that’s a lot! Previous approaches have been mainly medical and concentrated on more and more medication. Most medications do not work and many people are ‘trapped’ on medication, with lots of side effects, that does not improve their pain. Worse than that, interventions that do help are limited.

This website is a contribution to help support people with chronic pain. The focus is on what else might work. I am particularly interested in video contributions from people with chronic pain about what has helped them to manage their pain.

Dr Morris Gallagher