I joined a pain group

I joined a pain group

3rd August 2020

This is a testimonial from a patient visiting the virtual pain group consultations last week.. 

‘After suffering for 20 years with lower back and knee joint pain; I also have heart disease which sometimes makes things even more difficult.  My GP mentioned about a pain management referral. I have to admit I was rather dubious about joining the meeting online and unsure of how it would work, but I found it to be extremely helpful and would definitely recommend it!   

Once I logged into the call online we all gave brief introduction about ourselves, we then discussed pain management techniques with the specialist and also watched a short video.  At the end of this we were given an opportunity to chat about our thoughts and feelings collectively as a group. 

It was nice to hear its not a one fits all approach and everyone has different perspectives of pain, it was great to have a confidential group chat and someone else to sound off to about things, rather than just moaning to loved ones at home.  

At the end of the group discussion we were given an opportunity to give points on which we would like to focus on and discuss in further detail with Dr Gallagher, my point was I wished to discuss my medication and review this. Today gave me the opportunity to discuss my pain and different health concerns in the comfort of my own home at a specific time and form an action plan, I found this much better than having a quick brief GP appointment.  

The group meeting being online meant I did not need to get additional time off work, get back and forth to an appointment and it slotted in great with my schedule! Once again thanks for your help today, it has been great!’